What's wrong with this picture?


There can't be too much wrong. Both individuals, appearing to be firefighters, are properly attired, seat belts fastened, and not smoking cigarettes. What could possibly be missing?

Could it be hearing protective headsets? That's kind of a given here in the USA with NFPA, OSHA, and other regulations. Apparently not a requirement for military personnel in England (which is where these guys are), and perhaps English folks aren't as prone to litigate as we are here in the USA.

With all that being said, many (but not enough) firefighter vehicles in the USA have headset hearing protection for response vehicle occupants, the pump operator, and the incident commander. But, there is a problem (actually several). The first is that conventional headsets block our ALL sound which means firefighters can't hear each other - not a good thing. Second, traditional systems are expensive, requiring costly installation and high priced headsets.

We've got a better solution. We call it the Smart Crew system. You can learn more about it, by requesting more information using the form on the right.