Effective Team Communication During Social Distancing with SM1P Headsets

Keep social distance and communicate in high-noise environments.

Social distancing also called “physical distancing,” means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home. 

While Social Distancing is extremely important among essential workers, it can limit team communication, especially in high-noise environments. All critical workers need clear and distinct communication to improve efficiency and guarantee the safety of all team members. Facial coverings and masks are also making it difficult for some people to communicate especially in a high-noise workplace.

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SM1P Headset: A perfect Complement to Your Social Distancing Compliance

The below features make the SM1P series the perfect hearing communication solution for keeping a social distance in high-noise environments. 

Headset-to-headset communication up to 100 feet range
Connects to cellphones, tablets via Bluetooth®
Connects to two-way radios via cable or Bluetooth®
Noise suppression up to 36dB NRR
Noise-canceling boom mic.
360o Situational Awareness
Intrinsic Safety (IS: UL/CSA/TIA) certified version available
VOX capable
Li-ion battery offering up to 24 hours of continuous use
Social Distancing with SM1P02
  • Clear communication up to 120 dB(A) noise levels with a noise-canceling boom mic.
  • Bluetooth® cellular connection for conversation and audio streaming
  • Programmable ‘in-ear’ volume limiter: Limit ‘in-ear’ exposure to 82 dB(A)
  • Compatible with industry-leading two-way radios via removable wired connection or Bluetooth®
  • Up to 36dB NRR 
  • Improved short-range with additional channel banks for headset-to-headset communication (range approx. 100 ft)
  • Upgraded 24-hour battery life for use in multiple shifts
  • Available in headband, behind-the-neck, and helmet style
  • SENS® Technology- remain aware of surrounding noises and hazards with 360° situational awareness
  • SENS® Technology enhances speech while suppressing background noise to a safe level.
  • Noise-canceling boom mic
  • Intrinsically safe IS version available: SM1P02 IS option - IS: (UL/CSA/TIA) certifications
  • Intrinsically safe Ex version available: SM1P02 Ex option - Ex: (ATEX/IECEx/UL/CSA) certifications


IP Rating  IP54
Power (Non-IS model) 
2650mAh Li-ion Polymer Battery, 24 hours (wired connection) / 18 hours (wireless with Bluetooth®/Short-Range activated), 5 Hour Charge Time
Power (IS model)   2250mAh Li-ion Polymer Battery, 24 hours (wired connection) / 18 hours (wireless with Bluetooth/Short Range activated), 4 Hour Charge Time

Hearing Protection

Volume limiter 82 dB(A) [programmable] – only applicable when the headset is powered on
Region Australia / NZ USA / Canada Europe
Standard AS/NZS 1270 ANSI S3.19 EN352-1/EN352-3
Result SLC80 NRR SNR
HB 31 dB, Class 5 27 dB 33 dB
BTN 27 dB, Class 5 24 dB 30 dB
HM 26 dB, Class 5 23 dB 31 dB


SENS® 360o Situational Awareness 95 dB(A)
Voice transmission

Boom microphone – noise canceling, VOX capable

Face-to-face SENS® mode (< 95 dB)
Two-way radio

Bluetooth® or radio cable with Push-To-Talk module


Half-duplex communications, Up to 8 programmable FM channels, Up to 50 meters

Bluetooth® Bluetooth® 3.0, 15 meters (49 feet)


Social Distancing with SM1P02 (9)