Law enforcement case study

Discover how Sensear helps protect hearing while still allowing for clear communication for the San Diego Police Department, Special Events Division

For the San Diego Police's Special Events Department, functioning in high noise is the norm, due to the larger number of attendees and the nature of the events they are working . Not only are these high noise situations dangerous from a hearing conservation perspective, they make communication very difficult.

Learn how Sensear worked with Lieutenant Andrew Hoffman of the San Diego Police Department, Special Events Division to help alleviate their issues with this case study which explores:

  • Enabling communicate face to face during noisy events (i.e. concerts, ball games)
  • Maintaining situational awareness in situation where the noise levels reached 100dB
  • Technology able to connect to two way radios and cell phones

Police officers were using two-way radios and cell phones to communicate with their fellow officers at these special events. When there was an urgent requirement to communicate and there was high noise, these devices didn't perform well. In many instances this is dangerous, particularly if they require immediate backup or must react urgently to a situation.

Lieutenant Andrew Hoffman - San Diego Police Department (USA)

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