Are You Overwhelmed with Headset Choices?

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Sensear Drives a New Approach to Hearing Protection and High-Noise Communication

Compliance. Communication. Safety. A noisy environment is one of the main stress triggers for employees and can contribute to reduced productivity. In high-noise environments, sounds coming from machinery or equipment produce high or extreme noise levels that can adversely affect communication between workers. Common practices like shouting at others or asking them to talk loudly are barely effective. If employees cannot alert each other, accidents can occur and cause injuries. As OSHA requires workers to wear hearing protection in environments where noise reaches or exceeds 85 dB(A), workers run into issues by removing their hearing protection when they need to communicate with one another. Most employees have a critical requirement to communicate with colleagues without leaving hazardous noise environments, and traditional hearing protection headsets restrict the workers’ ability to hear, making communication challenging or even impossible. Therefore, workers need a solution that provides the correct level of hearing protection, while allowing employees to communicate and have total situational awareness.


SENS® takes noise cancellation to a whole new level. By isolating and enhancing speech while reducing harmful background noise, users can hear speech and stay protected while remaining aware of their surroundings in high-noise environments. SENS® Technology brings low-noise hearing experiences into high-noise environments by enabling users to communicate effectively and remain aware of their surroundings while protecting their hearing. SENS® delivers three critical benefits in one technology. It’s simple - if you are looking for the best high-noise communication devices, don’t ask for noise-canceling ear protection, ask for SENS® electronic ear protection. SENS® is in a full range of hearing protection and communication solutions.



Sensear Noise Cancelling Headsets and Earplugs 

Sensear is solving high-noise communication problems for many of the world’s leading companies. Our range of Smart Headset and Smart Earplug products are comprehensive communication solutions for many applications in some of the world’s noisiest and harshest environments.

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Industrial Communication Product Catalog

It’s important to choose the right solution for your workplace requirements.

To help you, we’ve created a product catalog that outlines:

  • The problem with high-noise workplaces and our solution - SENS®
  • High-noise environments' noise levels in decibels (dB)  
  • Sensear's industries 
  • Sensear's high-noise solutions

This will help you decide which industrial communication solution is the best fit for your needs.