Are You Overwhelmed with Headset Choices?

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Here’s a Guide to Help You Make the Right Decision

Hearing loss in the workplace is a growing concern for both workers and companies. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 20,000 workplace hearing loss cases occur annually, many resulting in permanent hearing loss. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also found that 24% of hearing loss in the United States has been attributed to workplace exposure. 


Hearing protection is vital in these noisy environments but it's also important that communication is still achievable. When it comes to smart digital headsets, there is a wide range of brands, product types, and features that all provide different levels of hearing protection, user comfort, and speech capabilities. This can make the decision process difficult. So, where do you start? 


Whatever your industry (oil and gas, mining, military, transportation, or manufacturing), it's important to select the ideal solution to protect you and your team during daily tasks while allowing for effective communication. That's why we have prepared this handy product comparison chart to help you identify the right device that best matches your needs.



Electronic Communication Headset Features

The format and design of your device should match its intended purpose, as well as the user’s personal preference.

Competitor Comparison Chart
Headset Comparison Guide

It’s important to choose the right headset for your workplace requirements.

To help you, we’ve created a Headset Comparison Guide which outlines:

  • Product type
  • Intrinsic safety
  • Technology and capabilities
  • Communication abilities

This breaks down all the features you need to know to help decide which industrial headset best meets your communication and hearing protection needs.



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